Celebrate Your Anniversary In A Special Way With These Date Ideas!!

A large number of marriages are performed in the month of February. It is known as the month of love. February turns out to be a month of marriages as several auspicious muhurthams are available in the month. Celebrating an anniversary with your better half—whether its one year or 12—is always worth it. You have reached that stage. Crushing those relationship goals, doing the hard work for relationship survival and milestones should be marked. Find an activity that’s the best for celebrating your anniversary. Do something new and different together as a couple, that’s the best way to create a memory of your anniversary. Stretch yourselves a bit. Cherish the memories you already h

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Valentine's Gift Ideas for HIM and HER!!

For elementary school, Valentine’s Day means giving handwritten cards and conversation hearts to your crush. Every couple loves to exchange personalized notes and sweet gifts, this year do something different. Though every gift will bring memories with it, but think of a gift that your loved one can cherish for years to come. February 14th is the perfect time to show them how much you care.Valentine's Day gifts can be sensitive depending on what type of relationship you're in— did you just start dating? Have you been together for years? That's why we've come up with a diverse mix of cool and budget-friendly Valentine's Day gift ideas. You might be confused as in what to get for your bo

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The 11 Stages in a Relationship - Never or Forever!!

We all wish to experience love in a perfect way. We have many fantasies about love. We long to experience love the way it happens in movies, reality is that for all of us relationships go through different stages. As it is rightly said, “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationship every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging diversity” – Epicurus Maintaining a relationship that is long-lasting aw well rewarding is difficult and important. For many the key to happiness is having great relationships. Of course, what good is money and success if you have no one to share it with? There are several reasons for failed relationships and it

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Having Ups and Downs in Your Relationship? Things To Start Doing In You Relationship

Ups and Downs in Your Relationship

When you are in a serious relationship, you will have many ups and downs, But talking things over is a better solution than throwing it all away. Your relationship can affect your personal happiness, so it is important to prioritize relationship. Often small things are given less importance. If you focus on little things it will actually make your relationship stronger and healthy. Family is someone in your life you need for emotional support. They encourage you to improve in exciting ways. Your family, your loved one's are one who really matters. You might not be happy with your present. But surely you can do stuff that will bring happiness to your relationship and to your personal self

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How to Set your Relationship Goals - Seeing an Imperfect Person Perfectly

Relationship Goals

What is your relationship asking from you? You have the right to ask for things you need in relationship and give the things your partner needs. It is your responsibility to be clear about your needs. Be your own expert. Only you know what is going in your mind and what your heart wants. Your love won’t know what you want from them in the way of support, quality time, independence, love, financial security and so on. You might be the happy couple, but are you the perfect couple? Happy couple is an imperfect couple that knows how to find joy in each other’s differences and bring something special out of every day. A great relationship doesn’t just happen, it requires effort and car

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Keeping the Magic Alive – Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special!!

THE fountains mingle with the river. And the rivers with the ocean. The winds of heaven mix forever. With a sweet emotion. Nothing in the world is single Do you know the well kept secret is in giving your partner that ignites the feelings? Your partner can't make you feel alive. It comes from cultivating by learning to attend closely to your inner world. Giving your partner something from your own alive wholeness will unfold a beautiful relationship between you. Giving from the filled-up place inside of you without expectation will transform your relationship. Giving to get love to fill yourself up will not work. Love is to know a person’s face, learn how their eyes flash when they are ha

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