How Social Media Can be a Unfortunate for Your Happy Relationship!!

SOCIAL MEDIA, is great to be able to share pictures, status, thoughts, to be in touch with old colleagues, schoolmates etc. across the globe, bringing them into your world with a blink of an eye. It is required and nice to stay connected in our business society.

There is no question the Internet is enormously popular, convenient and a delightful way to connect with others. Many social media sites such as Facebook, instagram have about one billion users worldwide. Individual of all age groups have facebook accounts and there isn’t a day they miss to browse it. It certainly offers us an instant audience and attention. It can help fight feelings of loneliness.

Some people try to make new friends on social media. It has the ability to make relationships both easier and more difficult, to start new relationship and destroy the old ones. It can connect us when we are far away. But if it is causing problems in your life or relationship, try to try limit the use of social media when it comes to your relationship.

Do not share everything about your life there, it will lead to more issues. Let’s not allow social media to affect our relationships in a negative way. Use it but in limits, But, even so, there can be a huge danger in this kind of “connecting”.

Trying to connect through social media is actually counterproductive. Let’s see how social media will affect your relationship.

You lost the moment

What are you doing on social media? Sharing moments of all kinds, joy, friendship, beauty and humour. By engaging virtually on social media you lose the connection from your reality and the people in it. There is nothing more powerful than real life connections, no matter how we try to replicate it.

You need someone with skin to give you a smile, wrap their arms around us, or hold our hand in theirs. Real life sharing of moments involve the tenderness of a human embrace. When hiding behind the walls of

the online world there is no warmth, real life interactions have the potential of releasing a powerful warmth. When making a connection with real life people in actual is a way of replicating warmth to engage the world around us. Do not get so caught up in the digital world that you forget the power of physical. There is no happiness more than meeting the people in real and spending time with them.

Facebook can be a source of jealousy and anxiety:

The pictures shared on facebook, and other information can create jealousy, suspicion for couples. The facebook interactions should not be considered obvious as you do not know who is on the other side being involved, as you may not know some of your partner’s Facebook friends.

In some cases, the couples are anxious their partner may leave them, or generally don’t trust their partner. It is also responsible for creating negative feedback loop which, in turn, increases the chance of experiencing more Facebook-related jealousy. Though the partner is completely into you and totally loyal, but social media provides medium for partner interrogation, which may disrupt a person’s sense of privacy as well as the stability of the relationship. Facebook can make the situation much worse if you are already going through certain problems.

It’s addictive and self-absorbing

The pleasure that comes from experience and from people around you, you try to seek that through phone and internet. By continuous use of social media your brain starts functioning the similar way, it starts responding positively to freshness, that social media

offers in a constant stream of new interactions, new posts, and new pictures every second. Although it is known as the medium or tool to remain connected but it can make you feel isolated and obsessed over the response you are getting. Authentically connecting with others has numerous benefits but getting too much involved in it is associated with anxiety and depression.

We can lose our warmth

Have you heard of the tangible connection of one human being to another? That is absolutely required for the success of a relationship. If you and your partner are so much involved on social media, you lose the warmth, the warmth that comes from looking each other smiling in real, by getting involved in a good laugh.

We can lose our inhibition

There are a few things that you would never say out offline but you do say that when you are online. Every person has different quality, one person says whatever comes to their mind no matter the cost, while some have the ability to discern when to speak up and when to refrain. It is true that some things are just better left unsaid. But when we are masked behind the screen, it affects our inhibition, this virtual world, we feel empowered and in control. Slowly, we let our walls down. This lack of inhibition gives us the freedom to do things in the online world that we would never do in real life. This can have serious affect on our relationship, ruining it or isolating us from people we could have otherwise connected with. One should understand the impact of social media on itself and challenge themselves to interact with grace, wisdom and humility whether online or off.

True intimacy and connection can get lost

Social media is reliable and fantastic for many reasons but it is actually connecting you to the world for the sake of living, preventing us from experiencing true connection and true intimacy: real life. It is sometimes funny to see the status updates and stories that people share about every bit of their life, why are we on Facebook right now? Why aren’t we savoring the moment? Live in the moment and enjoy the moment with the

person you are with. In a relationship getting intimate is the root for happy relationship. And there is no chance of intimacy when you are involved in social media.

Don’t give in to the false intimacy that comes with social media and make time for the genuine intimacy.

Make time for the people around you. Here and now.

How to Make Your Relationship Magically Romantic!!

Despite of all the difficulties, romantic relationships are a fundamental component of our lives. “There is scarcely anything more difficult than to love one another.” – Rainer Maria Rilk

What is long-term passionate love?
Sexual intimacy
Shared affection
And happiness in life

Though this is the modern time and people are busy in their modern lives. Now people really do not expect a romantic relationship to be filled with diamond encrusted love hearts, constant, adoring kisses and sweet smelling flowers every day.

The generation is busier in visual and sensual touch time with their smartphones than with their partners each day. The expectations of romance are not high enough to nurture and maintain a healthy romantic relationship. But if you are not passionate and romantic with your partner, the bond that you both share can shrink.
So what happens if you feel your partner isn’t romantic enough? Do you miss the romance in your relationship?

Get romantic

Romance is not a one directional. Whether you’re a man or woman, you won’t receive romance, until you are equally involved in your relationship. You’re both responsible for how romantic your relationship is. If your relationship is not the way you want, you need to set the tone and give examples of what it is you desire. Romance is very important part of a relationship, you could say what you want and why, but it’s much more effective to show what you want. There are some gestures that will make your relationship exciting and romantic.

Have fun

If a couple is engaged in exciting and enjoyable activities together have greater relationship satisfaction. Couples who play together, stay together. Choose an activity with your partner that you’ve never done together before that would be of interest to you both, like dancing lessons, staying the night at a new town and exploring it, or indoor skydiving. Give them a all new experience.

Share a Secret Code

Choose a random word that will be used often in the conversation and ensure that every time someone uses it, you have to do a gesture like anything from a kiss to a lingering thigh stroke under the table.

Tell them what turns you on

Do not be a boredom, bring out something exciting in the bedroom. Tell your partner what turns you on. Do not be shy when it comes to sex. Let them know what you like, and encourage them to do the same.

Sweet Afternoon Treat

If you know your partner is having a bad day at office, call up a cafe or a restaurant and get their favourite food delivered with a sweet message. You can add a surprise to it, like dessert’s waiting at your place later.

Be fit & healthy

Whatever it is, nothing brings joy if you are not healthy and fit. Get your health checkup. Work out and shop for healthy foods together. Being fit and healthy will make you feel better about yourself — and improve your sex life.

Show appreciation for your partner

Does your partner know what you like the most about them? What you admire and what makes you proud. To build a romantic relationship you have to have an initial bonding along with encouragement and support to each other’s growth. Help your partner achieve his or her potential by constantly lifting their spirits up.

Be grateful for your partner

Expressing gratitude to your partner in a relationship predicts an increase in your relationship satisfaction. If your partner appreciates you, it seems to increase your confidence. Return the same gratitude, this will positively affect how much you feel committed to the relationship and you will do things to meet your partner’s needs.

Put it into practice

Let your partner know how much you value them. Say sorry and thank you whenever required, show them the gratitude you actually feel toward your partner, because this also makes a big difference. Tell your partner that appreciate having them in your life or what you would miss most if he or she were not in your life.

Laugh together

Be her/his best friend. If you want to invest in a relationship, be best friends.Do you remember all the fun things you did together when you were dating? Create some new memories to cherish.

Engage in PDA

Compliment them in public, when you are out with friends. Do not make out in public, but certainly show your love. Hold hands, hug, kiss and compliment each other. These little public displays of affection shows that you are proud and happy to be together with your partner.

Get a Sound Track

Pick your favorite songs that portraits your relationship and make them yours by playing them on romantic, sexy occasions.

Pray together

Spiritual intimacy is equally important as physical intimacy. Some couples are involved in sexual activity but are not intimate as they miss out on the soul. Pray together so that your soul unites keeping your love strong.

Give gifts

Give material tokens of your love. Pick up the right book, a special dessert, a piece of jewelry or clothing you noticed at the store. Leave a love note for them, or send them a random “I love you”. This will make your partner feel better about themselves and secure in your relationship.
To create a fulfilling life, it is the time create romance in your relationship. Have the fulfilling love life. Make them involved in your ideas and thoughts. Be liveli and your partner will never be able to forget you. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Romance is more about chasing than getting what you want. Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin practicing these principles. Start today.
Love to get the same back.
Do not forget you are worthy and your relationship too.

Plan your Dream Honeymoon at these Beautiful Indian Destinations!!

One of the exciting part of getting married is the honeymoon. It is the first trip with your love. It is one of the memorable trip.
Romantic, isolated and dreamy – plan a honeymoon that both him, and you, will never forget.
Couples find it very difficult to select a place for their honeymoon. As there are numerous beautiful honeymoon places with variety of attractions and uniqueness, so it is quite confusing for them to pick the right one.
Discuss the type of honeymoon you each want, like cruising, enjoying a city tour, beaches or hill station, or lounging at a tropical resort. A perfect honeymoon requires a perfect destination. Make your honeymoon a special and an unforgettable one.
Here in this article, we have mentioned India’s all time best honeymoon destinations which attract married couples from everywhere. This will surely help you out to pick the one best honeymoon place.


Kerala has been one of the top 10 honeymoon places in India for a long time. It is known for its natural beauty of backwaters, sunset and sunrise at beaches, hills of Munnar, popular tourist places like Cochin & Allepey, which make the honeymoon trip too romantic and unforgettable.
Most recommended places in Kerala are-

  • Munnar
  • Kumarakom
  • Cochin
  • Vagamon
  • Kollam

It gives a blend of experience of mountains and beaches. There are many beautiful resorts to choose.


Goa is one of the most beautiful honeymoon places in India. It is blessed with beauty of beaches, beautiful coconut plants surroundings, lush gardens, and the famous Portuguese buildings. Enjoy a romantic walk on the beach with your life partner, have romantic talks and fulfill all your dreams. You can enjoy the popular beach night parties, delicious sea foods, deep sea fishing, parasailing, and other adventurous sports which promise to make your honeymoon trip eventful.


Manali is a place for couples who’re looking for an ice-cold hill station to have some good time.It is all time favorite honeymoon destination for Indian married couples as well as foreigners. There are many adventurous sports like skiing, hiking, trekking,mountaineering, paragliding, river rafting, angling, and biking. You can find snow in Rohtang pass. The couple can have camps in kullu and visit Manikaran temple. Manali is the best honeymoon destination in North India and you won’t be disappointed if you stay here for couple of days.


A beautiful hill station and a romantic winter honeymoon destinations in India. Famous for the pleasant cold climate, natural beauties of pine trees, tea gardens, local traditional market, and the most famous toy train journey. Darjeeling is one the most preferred place by newly married. However, do not miss Tiger Hills, which is famous for its panoramic view of the sunrise over the mountain of Kanchenjunga Himalaya.
There are also some others tourist spots where you should during the trip:

  • Batasia Loop
  • Rock Garden
  • Singamari Ropeway
  • Darjeeling toy-train Journey
  • Kanchenjunga Mountains
  • Peace Pagoda


If you want to have a royal honeymoon, spend your honeymoon in Rajasthan. This gorgeous city offers history, places, elephant and camel back rides and lots more. Other popular honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan such as Mount Abu, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur are equally beautiful. Udaipur – the ‘City of Lakes’, is a wonderful place to spend a royal exotic break together. The visit to this place will make your honeymoon once in a lifetime experience.


Andaman is amongst the most trending honeymoon places in India giving the pleasure of sunny beaches,secluded islands and so many wonderful activities to make your holiday a memorable one. Andaman and Nicobar Island is the gateway of romance with the exotic environment. You can find top class hotels, tourist privacy, superior dining, and lot of activities. Honeymoon couples can enjoy here the underwater marine life with varieties of colorful fishes, water-skiing, sail boats, windsurfing, speed boats, flora and fauna. Some of the heart throbbing qualities are quiet and secluded beaches, Luxury hotels, Scuba Diving and Watersports, Historic Places, Museums.


Srinagar, is a beautiful place. The beauty of Srinagar is absolutely timeless. You will not get the pleasure of Shikara anywhere than here.Dal lake with your better half will bring a joy to your relationship and your first honeymoon with your love.


I wildlife sanctuary attracts you and your better half, do not miss the largest wildlife sanctuary in northern India to offer you the best experience. You will have an amazing trip with the fascinating wildlife safaris, tracing the beasts and time spent in the luxury camps. Best Experiences: Wildlife, Tiger sighting, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Elephant rides


This place has the year round a pleasant weather. Kodai is fondly called the ‘Princess of hills’’and newly married couples can make some wonderful memories on this little hill town. Enjoy a place that you can explore the utmost. Make memories and learn a little more about your partner.


Another popular honeymoon destination is Lakshadweep in India because of its unbeaten natural beauties of Island. It is also known for its sandy beaches, the ultimate view of blue sea, watersports, and sunbathing. If you are looking for a calm and romantic environment do visit this place on your honeymoon.
Some top recommended places where you should definitely visit-

  • Kavaratti
  • Agatti
  • Kadmat
  • Bangaram
  • Minicoy

Ooty is one of the most beautiful and romantic honeymoon hill stations, situated at the hills of Nilgiri, in India. Well known as the ‘Paradise for Honeymooners’. It might be a perfect choice for those who want to be away from the crowd and enjoy some quality time.
When you are with the love of your life, any place seems to be filled with love and joy. Capture lots of memories by sharing the joy with each other by spending your honeymoon at these beautiful places.

Are you in a One-SIded Relationship? Tips to Fix it!!

It is quite difficult to find true love and commitment but most of us spend a good time in order to look for a comfort zone that only comes with a perfect relationship. There are times when couples are in relationship but there is not love, this is called casual relationship. Therefore a majority of the relationships end, as the two people are genuinely not being interested in each other but they are just trying each other out.
There are several reasons of being disinterested in a relationship, like loneliness, set ups, peer pressure, social stigma, social status, sextimacy, because all your friends are dating, and then my personal favorite, and then the need to have someone that you can call girlfriend or boyfriend.
Here are a few signs showing you are in one sided relationship
When you’re in love, it’s easy to be fooled by the signs of a one-sided romance. So if you have a feeling that you are at a risk of being in one sided battle here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

You initiate most communication

You are the one sending messages, making phone calls and putting in efforts to hangout and make plans to meet throughout the week. And when you stop making such efforts, there would be several days spent exchanging a single word. If you see such signs in your relationship, chances are you’re in a one-sided love affair. You should get out of it now, if you always have to be the first one to make contact.

He or she never returns the favor

If your partner never hesitates to ask favors of you to sacrifice your time and energy, but when it is their turn they never seems to have the time. Your partner will talk about their prior engagements or say they are busy with work. Your partner might say that he or she has too many other obligations to look after, and may object by saying that your expectations are too high. They never return the favor.

He or she always chooses his or her friends over you

Your partner doesn’t invite you up when they feel like going out. And when they feels like spending a night in, you don’t get an invite to that, either. If you try to complaint on this issue you are accused of instigating the same fight over and over again. Your partner may actually prefer to call their friends and spending time with them.

You apologize for things you shouldn’t apologize for

In a one – sided relationship the partner usually try to make their other half feel bad for things that are no reason to worry over, like getting emotional, or needing to talk about something that’s been on your mind. A healthy happy loving relationship will bring happiness into each other’s lives and will make you comfortable when you feel down. The partner needs to be with each other when life is not carefree.

How to Fix a One Sided Relationship

There is no magic formula to find balance in one sided relationship. Every relationship is different and have different understanding. Every person is different. To remain one step closer to happiness in relationship, discover the reasons and the root causes of your one sided relationship and try to fix it.

If you or your partner is not carrying that weight in the relationship, equality and respect are values that need to be learned and applied. Finding balance in a one sided relationship is hard work for both partners.
Is your partner ready to commit to a healthier relationship?
Are they willing to see how your relationship is one sided and what they can do to help fix it?
You can’t fix a one sided relationship by yourself. They have to be willing to hear your perspective and work towards making healthy changes in his life.

Get your feelings sorted out

Are you struggling with some emotions? How is the feeling of being in one sided relationship? Go beyond “mad” and “taken advantage of.”
If you feel sad, scared or frustrated, you might feel anxious talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend about fixing your relationship. Maybe you feel confused because you don’t know when to end a relationship. The solution for all this is to first have a clear view about your feelings. The more you know about your feelings, the better you can communicate your feelings. If you don’t know how you feel about your role in a relationship, then get quiet. Take time to get in touch with your feelings. Think about
your feelings, listen to the small voice, and follow its guidance on how to fix a one sided relationship. Talk to your partner about your feelings.

Tell your partner about how it feels to be in a one sided relationship

When you are in one sided relationship you might feel upset because of many things and unfulfilled expectations, because of lack of communication due to issues at work. Do not be afraid to tell your partner how angry, frustrated and hurt you are.
Learning how to fix a one sided relationship is rarely that easy, but it does show the potential power of talking calmly to your partner. If your partner loves you, they will care for your feelings of being in a one sided relationship. Develop a healthy communication.

Find ways to blossom in your life

One of the easiest way is to grow yourself. Don’t let your partner be the focus of your life. Learn your importance, you are creative, smart, beautiful, and strong! You deserve to be treated special than to be in a one sided relationship that makes you unhappy and insecure. Take a healthy interest in your own life and self. What are you passionate about? Who do you love spending time with?
If you fix your relationship, it will be one of the major reason for your happy life.
Keep spreading love.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign tell About your Romantic State of Mind?

There are different zodiac signs with different approach to love. These signs vary person to person according to their birthdays. Every person has different traits according to their zodiac signs. Do you know what your zodiac sign says about your love life? If you believe in these signs you ought to know what they say. You will get a lot of hint about your relationship by knowing this.
Let’s see what your zodiac sign can tell you about your romantic state of mind, love life and dating habits

Aries (March 21-April 19):

Aries, is known as the wild child. A person with this sign is known to be strong-willed, impulsive, but when it comes about caring for someone, they are really caring. They show the same. They are quite independent or love to be independent and loyal to a fault!

Taurus (April 20-May 20):

Oh yea, the bull headed one. The most protective of all the signs, you can definitely be an “eyes on the prize” type when it comes to romantic conquests. You are like super caring for the one who matter to you for the ones you love. A bull is pretty much your spirit animal. Yoir friends will demand your side in a fight for sure and will think their secrets are safe when it reaches a taurian.

Gemini (May 21-June 21):

The Gemini’s are sucked for dramatic flair. The unusual, the curious things fascinate you a lot. You have a tendency to be ruled by your moods. Your sign symbolize you go through highs and lows, one dark and one light. Some people may consider you as their own personal sour patch kid. Personally they all love you and like being you, as they know things will never be boring with you Gemini.

Cancer (June 22-July 22):

You are a cancerain? Then you might be not a very casual eater. Its ok. You are sweet, sensitive and you know what you want, and that’s rare.
Cancer, they either love you or don’t want to have anything to do with you. If a cancer do not like you, you are out of the area…

Leo (July 23-August 22):

A Leo is loved and liked by everyone You, my friend, are a fire sign, which means you’re totally and completely loyal to your loved ones and always willing to go the extra mile to make someone feel welcome and cared for. You are fierce, confident, enthusiastic, and you have an image that no one wants to cross your way.

Virgo (August 23-September 22):

Virgo you’re the least stubborn earth sign, but when you’re right, you’re right, and no one can move you from your decision. You have a logical mind and you are particularly paying attention to details. And a trait that people likes about is your sense of shy independence, which is too cute.

Libra (September 23-October 22):

Everybody knows you’re striving for a more harmonious world, when you are not moody or not in a extra mood, you are fun to be around.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21):

When a scorpion is talked about,high standard are in mind. You, Scorpio, are one magnanimous and lively character. And people love you for it. People may sometimes not be sure as to how to approach you sometimes. They may find you a little intimidating.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21):

Sagittarius, you are more than usual wild, adventurous and experimental. You are the true fire sign, you may get bored easily, your spontaneity keeps things fresh and totally exciting for both you and your partner. You do not hide things, keeping it real. It’s a super refreshing part of your personality, and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19):

You are quite practical and dependable, you are seen as the ultimate “no nonsense” sign of the zodiac. Hey. And you’re not mad about any shot happening around, Capricorn – because you know that steadfastness is a characteristic many of us work hard to attain. You’re the most ambitious and determined sign of the entire zodiac.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18):

Aquarius, Lovers would be hard put to keep you in check, really. You prefer to be in daydreams than face reality at times. We’ve all been there, but know that you can’t go running away from all of your problems. Especially when it comes to someone you really care about – sometimes you gotta sit down and talk it out.

Pisces (February 19-March 20):

You, Pisces, are the most romantic of all the zodiac signs – and the easiest to get along with. You love to dream, You are a combo of your artistic senses and a major turn-on for any potential partner. Even after being hurt in the past you are a hopeless romantic. You’re stronger than you think you are, you are available for the ones who deserve your trust and open heart.

Going on a First Date? Basic Tips for all The Beautiful Ladies There!!

Love is like magic, love is having shared interests.
No one has to truly understand what love is, it is something that is to be felt. Love makes you feel more alive than anything.
Love makes your heart beat a skip, it gives you butterflies. It makes you nervous, excited and passionate.
Love is filling and honest, it can’t be replaced or bought.
A date is the start for that love. Your first date is the one to meet your potential love should be passionate. It is the opportunity to meet the love of your life, the one you could probably spend the rest of your life with!
You pretty girls out there, you are the one He Craves For. If a guy asks you out on a date, you have definitely impressed the guy, you have done something right already so it is good start.

Dating is a little game of courtship between two potential lovers. You may like each other but when you are sitting next to each other in a romantic atmosphere, it is the judgment time.
You both would want to know everything about each other to judge the compatibility between the
two. But remember to create the first impression the unforgettable.
The tips below will help to leave a mark forever.

What to wear on the first date?

Every girl goes through this: wardrobe panic, especially when the “dress to impress” pressure is on!
Yes, you should look pretty, hot or sexy but comfort should be your first priority! Don’t expose too much. Avoid over trendy outfits or loud makeup. Be simple, natural and minimal for your first date. Dress up according to the place you are going

  • For casual daytime setting Casual staples: Jeans, converse or   flats, t-shirts or casual tops.
  • For a dressy dinner date Choose skinny jeans with silk camisole   and blazer, heels or a decent dress.  
  • For a casual dinner Jeans and a cute blouse or tee are the best.

After you are dressed up accordingly, here are some other tips that you should know to impress this new man in your life.

#1 Make him feel like a man: Give him the chance to pamper you, to be your protector and he will love you for it. Help him feel like a man by asking him things to do for you which you might be able to do yourself but it is important. If you need something, ask him to speak to waiter and get it for you. Ask him to assist you till washroom. He will feel that you need him.

#2 The art of smelling nice: Girls, please remember this tip. Every guy will remember how you smell. Don’t soak yourself in perfume but use it over your neck, cleavage, palms and anywhere you want to smell good. Use an aromatic serum for your hair. It will bring a mild intoxication of your sensual perfume. He would get desperate to hold you close and sink into your fascinating aura!

#3 Pastel colors are appealing: Look no further than soft pastel colors to impress your guy, pick the right attire as already described above. Black and red are what guys love though, and it will best show off your sexuality. But initially you need to display the femininity in you that’ll attract a man and you definitely need to dress in softer shades.

#4 Don’t sit numb: You are not going for an interview. You are not there to just answer the questions. Do not just sit back; ask him a few questions now and then. Guys love it when a girl shows genuine interest in their life.

#5 Smile. Laugh. Be Jolly: It highly inspires a guy seeing a girl who is smiling and laughing. It makes him have confident on himself showing that he is the king of the humor world and he will be less nervous around you. Laugh along and try to have a nice time.

#6 Making him indulge: Do make him feel like a man but don’t make him overdo on the first date. It may end up scaring him off and leaving both of you broke. Be yourself, but don’t flaunt your high maintenance status unless you know for sure that he can afford it. Do not call trouble for yourself. If you can’t carry too much of drinks, then do avoid it.
Remember, a date isn’t the same as hanging out with your friends.

#7 Be a conversationalist: Probably when you are on a date, it you both who has to entertain each other. Don’t act like you are bored. Start a healthy, funny and useful conversation. You can also crack jokes, it isn’t the guy who has to always be humorous.

#8 Act smart and intelligent: Yes, guys do find dumb girls cute. But just for a while. For a long run, guys prefer to have a girl who is smart, intelligent and independent. Be the one. He would probably want you to laugh but do not laugh on anything and everything.

#9 The right kind of goodbye: You both had a good time sitting and enjoying. The way you say goodbye to the guy at the end of the first date will make him think about you. If you enjoyed his company and being with him, give him that smile and blush just a little bit and walk on. It’ll definitely leave any guy floating on cloud nine.
Well that’s it for the first date. Rest is on you in which direction you take it. It can be awesome, it can be bad, but do follow the guidelines above. Unless the guy is terribly boring and dumb, this roadmap will definitely take you to the hut of love. Have the patience to find the right guy, the perfect guy is also looking for his other half in.
One of your gifts as a woman is your profound intuition. Use it to judge the right guy for you. The magic of the feminine is your mystery. Trust your instincts, you know things way in advance.
First impressions can never be made a second time, don’t waste the opportunity.
There is a reason that when you love you light up a room.
Make your man realize your power!

13 Little Things to do to Make Your Girl Feel Special!!

Have you ever got all the right notes with a woman? Maybe yes? Or not. Now are not the days when notes are passed on the class as an attempt to flirting. A women demands more than it, and while good looks help, you need the right set of personality traits
Does your special lady feel special about relationship? You want to make her feel special? Here you will get to know about the little things that mean a lot. Over time, it’s easy to forget the little things that contribute so much to a happy and fulfilling relationship
Though it i’s not difficult to make a woman feel special but you have to be careful sometimes. Some women appreciate the little things while some are flattered by big surprises. Just show her that you really care and she will be the one who will love you the most.
When couples stay together for a longer time, they often grow apart. You can show your woman just how much you care by doing little things to make her happy and keep the relationship alive. Show her how much she means to you, she will return the love and affection to you.
A good relationship doesn’t just happen. It takes efforts! A relationship will have happiness when both partners believe that giving is much better than receiving, and that’s what this feature is all about.

Ways to make a girl feel special and loved

Your woman is the most wonderful person you’ve ever known, and you should do anything for her. Show her how much she means to you by taking the time to do some of the little things on this list. They will be worth it surely.

#1 Don’t hesitate to tell her how great she looks or smells. Obviously she knows
she is pretty. But do not forget to tell her how attractive you find her. Tell her how great
you think she looks or smells, especially when you know she has done something extraordinary for you. If she follows what you like, if she care how you want to see her, she obviously will want to be complimented, so make it a point to let her know that you appreciate her efforts.

#2 Leave notes for her. Women love surprises. Give her a heartfelt love not unexpectedly is a fabulous way to surprise her. Do not hesitate to write even if you are not a good writer. Make it short and sweet. A few words of love will do. When she finds she will be proud of about what a wonderful partner she has.

#3 Do not forget her friends. Listen to her when she talks. It can be hard to do many times, especially when the things she talks about don’t involve you directly. However, if you remember the names of her friends, lets her know that you listen to her what she speaks.

#4 Share your feelings. For men it might be difficult to show feelings. Men are not known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves. So if you really want to get on her good side, let her know how you’re feeling. She’ll like that you are comfortable enough with her to open up.
#5 Send her texts.. Texts are an easy way to surprise her with words of love and affection. If you are a bit shy in saying out things, you can do so over text message and no one can hear you! You can have a private conversation by sending her a text out of the blue.

#6 Don’t use guilt trips to get what you want. Do not pressure your woman to do something that she is not willing to do. To make you happy maybe she would do but she will resent you just a little bit because of it. Do not guilt her into doing anything odd.

#7 Let her control the TV remote for a change. You will have a plus point if you give her the control to watch her favourite once in awhile.

Actually sit down and watch with her, or maybe even get to pick the next movie you two see.

#8 Give her a massage with no strings attached. Massaging her neck and shoulders is a great way to help her relax. When was the last time you massaged her shoulders without suggesting it go further? Do it. She’ll appreciate the non-sexual gesture.

#9 Get her something, too. If you are visiting a store for a coffee, get one for her too. Be sure to bring something back for her when bring for someone else. She may not have willing want it, but she’ll love your thoughtfulness.

#10 Just listen.Sometimes she simply wants you to listen. She’s not looking for answers or advice.
Just listen and be there for her as she figures things out for herself.

#11 Kiss her in public. Show her that you are proud to have her in your life. You might not think PDAs are cool, but if you haven’t kissed your lady in public in quite some time, do it now. Stop wherever you are, look into her eyes, and kiss her in front of everyone.

#12 Use the manners your mama taught you. Despite all the equality women still love the old-fashioned treatment. Show her the respect by opening doors for her, pulling out her chair, and let her order first at a restaurant.

#13 Go shopping with her. If you’re not busy and she wants to go to the mall, go with her. She will love to select her clothes with you. And while you are shopping with her, behave like you want to be there and you might be surprised with her appreciation later on.
It might be a little complicated to make a women feel special. It is not always important to spend a ton of money, just make those grand gestures. She will definitely appreciate the little things that you do as an effort on your part, which shows you care.

Hey Boyfriend? Are your Following these Relationship Rules?

It can be a difficult work to maintain a strong, but it doesn’t have to be. For a happy relationship it is important to create loving relationships with the women you date.
Being in a relationship is not easy, there are some a must have rules in every relationship that we need to understand and put into action. This article will help you to make your relationship successful if ever you’re having difficulty. Every boy out there wants to be a good or better boyfriend.

Here are some rules for boyfriends that they must know.

  • Kiss your girlfriend often, kiss her gently and not so gently, and kiss her like it’ll take her breath away. Be a passionate kisser. Give her goodbye kiss, get well soon kiss etc.
  • Write her a love letter of she asks you to do it. Even if you aren’t that sentimental type, just do it. It just has to be real and heartfelt not poetic. She will appreciate your efforts, crudely drawn symbols on a tissue paper, trust me. All you need is a pen and paper, it’s not that hard.
  • If you both have developed that relationship of “I love you,” which everyone reaches at their own pace, say it often. And know that you can probably never say it enough. Don’t rush to say I love You initially and also don’t let the fear of saying it overwhelm you. “I love you” is a sacrifice and a big deal.
  • Appreciate, notice the changes, about her hair, fashion sense, mannerisms, etc. The smallest positive comment will probably lift her spirits. She will love you back more if you notice her little things.
  • Do not use the points they are conscious about against them in an argument. It’s not fun being vulnerable with someone, especially your girlfriend.
  • Do not ask her for stuff that can be bought with money. Like on birthdays, anniversary’s etc. do not ask her to gif you that expensive watch or sunglasses you liked in the store. If she asks you about gift, say “Your love is all I need”.
  • As opposed to texting, talk on the phone more. Whether it’s calling to ask about potential plans or calling to find out how her day was. And if you are texting at some time, be more considerate about the length of time you take to respond to a text.
  • Get to know her friends well. Treat them respectfully. You do not have to be best friends with them, good things come to those who win their significant other’s friends and family.
  • Keep her out of all the negativity, even if she complains about her family most of the times, it doesn’t give you the liberties and rights to do so. Do not do anything that could be interpreted in a wrong way.
  • Be chivalrous because it is a good thing to be chivalrous.
  • Take her on special dates. Chill out, be comfortable, have formal dates, go on drives.This is the best part about dating. But don’t get lazy just because you’re with someone.
  • Be supportive, appreciate her interests, her talents and accomplishments. Swallow up your manly pride and do what she like. If she likes hanging out in bookstores and you hate it, have patience and understand her passions.
  • Ask her out and do not just assume the things. Ask her what is her comfort level, with anything physical. When uncomfortable, ask. It is always better to ask than to assume.
  • Keep way all intimate details about your relationship. That means there is really no reason to tell every last detail to your friends, coworkers, etc. You girlfriend will hate it.
  • Beware of participating in any objectively unnecessary behavior on social media. Keep your personal pictures and texts hidden. Do not share them.
  • Never be late when picking her up from her office or home. She would make you wait for hours, but will be very upset if you make her wait.
  • Do not shout at her, be very conservative about your anger. She might make you angry at times, on various situations very angry, but still try to choose your words wisely when you’re angry. Do not say something that she won’t be ever able to forget. This will spoil your relationship.
  • In the process of making her jealous, do not spoil the relationship. It’s not fun and it’s not fair to them.
  • Never let pay for anything. She might insist at times, if you go out on a date, make sure you pay for everything. It is one of the worst thing a boyfriend asking her girlfriend to pay. If still money is a problem, compensate by being the sweetest and a caring lover.
  • Don’t expect her to change anything about who she is with your. are for you. This includes their body, their religion, their politics, etc. If she loves you she will surely compromise with her own choice, but do not expect her to change to meet your needs.
  • Do not show your smartness by playing games with her. Nothing good ever comes from it. Be clear to them, how you feel and you know how they feel.
  • Treat her with love, respect, and how you would like to be treated. You love her, she loves you back. Be the best person she could ever have in her life. Do not let your love fade with time. As long as you’re trying in a relationship, feel free to bend any of the rules to do whatever works for you.

The relationship rules for men are made for each one out there to help them create stronger relationships.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you the strength, while loving someone deeply gives you the courage.”

Emotional Stages You would Come Across Being in a New Relationship!!

New relationships are exciting, aren’t they?

You meet someone new, you know each other, you fall in LOVE and you don’t see how things could be any better.

“Oh my god, you are the perfect person I have ever met?”

New relationships are great. They’re full of excitement and discovery.

“You are so hot! How are you so hot?”

In the beginning, you feel every moment like a magic, like a fairy tale. You feel like you have not met the same ever before and no other person can make you feel the same. This is completely normal and everyone goes through it.
The scientific reason behind this feeling is that when you get in a new relationship, your brain is churning out oxytocin, the love hormone. Unfortunately, it tends to reduce over time, which may give rise to some emotional stages in a new relationship.

Made for each other

You start thinking your partner as the most perfect person who ever existed and you both totally made for each other. Every moment you are with them, you have the time of your life. You consider each other extremely compatible. They’re also the most attractive person you’ve ever met. You can’t imagine anyone else with you in the same way.

Every Song Make You Think of Them

Any kind of song you are listening to, bollywood, hollywood, some song in a serial or the newest teeny-bopper song on the radio, it’s all about the person you are attracted with. The rhythm alone is enough to make you start adoring them. You start imagining the song video with you and your partner in it. You can relate the lyrics with the feeling you have.

Stalking ex

You start searching their ex on Google frequently to see if you are hotter than they are? And that is actually funny and crazy. But everyone does that at the emotional stage of a relationship.

Getting mad at each other

You both start getting mad at each other. You think it is difficult to survive this way. Both the partners start blaming each other for the little things that won’t even bother much. One starts getting mad because the other has lost its temper badly.


Will things always be this great? Will we together happy forever? Will all these pleasant experiences be for lifetime? Is sex just a thing? Will be attract each other always? Everyone starts getting curious of these little doubts.

Negative thoughts

These negative thoughts troubles every person in a relationship: What if one day things aren’t great and this ends. Do you think it might end? Will be get back to being strangers? I would be so broken and sad. How will i recover from the loss. You’re in for a lifetime of fantastic relationship, and love – making. You never want it to end, but you are afraid somewhere inside, that it will.

I Feel This Strongly About You, But I Hardly Know You

Some weird thought that very odd may strike your mind often. These thought will make you realize that you really don’t know them that well. What if they have some kind of disease? Is it weird to ask about diseases? Some kind of criminal record? They could even have kids they’re not telling you about. It’s enough to make you feel over – suspicious.

They don’t text or call you instantly, Something Must Be Wrong

What if this is their way of saying they’re no longer interested? Sometimes the person gets busy in some work or with family and is not able to meet you or talk to you instantly. You would start thinking as if something wrong has happened. Or they might be attracted to someone else. You won’t be able to adore them much now.

Great, You’re Angry With Me

The first fight or a big argument is always the most unpleasant and hurting one.

At this stage of a relationship you are in a very sensitive state to get hurt. Even still, you talked it out together and now everything is perfect again, but you might be afraid you future fights and how to tackle them.

You Have a Lot of Bad Habits

These things didn’t bother you before, but now you might be noticing those little things that irritate you about your partner. Maybe they’ve even caused a few petty arguments. But
later you realize the things you love about them are still more than these arguments, so it’s okay.


One day you might get eager to know why did they ever break up with their ex? Or their ex broke up with them, why? Am I missing something important? What if the same thing happens and we break up? You might get mad thinking of all these stuff.

Ego issues

You won’t say I LOVE YOU, even though you would feel that strongly. You would want to hug them, but won’t say it. You will always be confused in initiating the things.

That I don’t care attitude

GIving that I don’t care attitude,even if your partner wants to dump you. Making them show like you have long list of fans waiting for your response and they are much better than them. “I’ll find someone else. It’s not a big deal”. Whatever.

Sentimental feelings

A time comes when you think you can even beg them for staying. Please don’t leave me, I’ve already imagined our wedding and you are so great I could cry. what’s that? And you like me as much as I like you? And I should just stop overthinking?
All these thoughts are natural to disturb a relationship, a happy relationship. If you do not give up on your partner and fight with all these issues, you can stay happily with your partner for always.

Are you in love with someone? Is it the right person for you?

One of the most exciting, rewarding and scariest thing to do is falling in love. Once you are in love with someone, it becomes difficult to live without them. You were even alive when you didn’t met them.
It is very important to build an attachment for a healthy relationship. Staying in a relationship is often based on satisfaction and to feel good in the presence of another person.
A staying power of relationship depends on mutual investment and determination along with commitment.
Love involves passion, security and emotional comfort. Both the partners should be committed to each other with one’s cultural and social contexts to be with that person.
Here are some questions to help you sort out whether you are in love or not:

  • Are you suddenly doing new things?

As people fall in love, they start doing things that their partner favors. They often do something different from the normal. You would find yourself trying out new cuisines, New dresses, footwears, doing new activities, watching new kind of movies etc. People after falling in love grow more on self concepts and are more self confident.

  • Everything reminds you of him

Whether you’re walking around, or shopping or eating at a restaurant or you see a cafe, you wish your partner was there with you. Everywhere you go you think about them. It’s a strange feeling you never had felt before.they just strike your mind randomly.

  • Your appetite shrinks

Have you felt like getting butterflies in your stomach when you see the one you love or you like them? This is a common sign to tell if you are in love.

  • Have you been especially stressed lately?

You might feel tensed, anxious or jittery when you are about to meet them. These are a normal response to the stress of repeated social encounters with someone for whole you feel, whose impression matters to you strongly.

  • He/ she is perfect

People when fall in love, they start considering all the positive qualities of them, ignoring the negative ones. If you start daydreaming or thinking if events in which you both are playing the role, you are definitely in LoVe.

  • How intense are your emotions?

When love is budding, people get attached very soon,they tend to experience a high degree of passion. Though everyone has a different experience of falling in love, but many gets this feeling of emotional attachment.if you have adult attachment orientations,you are likely to get attached easily with much less intensity.

  • Are you tempted to say, “I love you”?

A sure sign of romantic interest, some people are more hesitant to utter these three words than others. Although people might imagine that women are the first to utter it, though, research tells that men say “I love you” first. They also tend to fall in love faster.

  • Are you investing more in this person?

If you are investing enough in the person, all the time, energy, emotions etc., it is the hallmark of successful couples. People who fall in love are likely to increase their investment in the other person, connecting their lives together in a way that might endorse commitment and stability. Whether you have been in a relationship for years or months or just found the one, how do you know if you are with the right person? Are you dating the right person?
It can be hard to tell sometimes, it can be a good experience or a bad experience. Some people get to know after years that it is not the right person for them. Life is about meeting people, meeting new people and getting apart from the old ones. You get involved, you fall in love, you throw caution to the wind, and you wind up spending a few too long with someone who is not the right match for you.
Here are some points that can help you find, whether you are with the right person or no

You don’t want to change them.

Maybe you don’t like their profession. Maybe they are not humorous or they are a lot humorous, which you do not like. Maybe you start thinking of them in some different look, different hairstyle and skin type. Whatever the criteria is, if you are assuming them to be like someone else other than exactly the way they are, you’re probably with the wrong person. In fact, if it is the good match for you, you will support them in their all endeavors; accept them for who they are, how they look and how they talk. If you are not ready to accept them, how can you love them totally?

You’re prepared to let minor things go.

If you are with the right person in the right relationship, you will probably not speak much about the unimportant small things that bothers you about your partner. If it is the right person, you would adjust with them on little things knowing that it would destroy your good relationship. A person’s actions are part of what make them who they are. If you are not happy, anything can become a problem

You don’t really care about “looking good.”

If it is a chance to meet the person, you do not care about how you are looking. They would invite you to meet up them with their friends and you are in weird clothes. It won’t matter as you are getting to spend the afternoon together.

You Think Long-Term.

When you start thinking of your future with them, you are with the right person. You can imagine being with them for any number of years. You know each other’s family and you are eager to meet them as soon as possible. The two of you discuss issues such as marriage, children, and where to live. You are ready to make compromises, and you feel comfortable with the pace at which it is progressing.
For a relationship to go on smoothly you need to know yourself to able to know if someone else is right for you.