Emotional Stages You would Come Across Being in a New Relationship!!

New relationships are exciting, aren’t they?

You meet someone new, you know each other, you fall in LOVE and you don’t see how things could be any better.

“Oh my god, you are the perfect person I have ever met?”

New relationships are great. They’re full of excitement and discovery.

“You are so hot! How are you so hot?”

In the beginning, you feel every moment like a magic, like a fairy tale. You feel like you have not met the same ever before and no other person can make you feel the same. This is completely normal and everyone goes through it.
The scientific reason behind this feeling is that when you get in a new relationship, your brain is churning out oxytocin, the love hormone. Unfortunately, it tends to reduce over time, which may give rise to some emotional stages in a new relationship.

Made for each other

You start thinking your partner as the most perfect person who ever existed and you both totally made for each other. Every moment you are with them, you have the time of your life. You consider each other extremely compatible. They’re also the most attractive person you’ve ever met. You can’t imagine anyone else with you in the same way.

Every Song Make You Think of Them

Any kind of song you are listening to, bollywood, hollywood, some song in a serial or the newest teeny-bopper song on the radio, it’s all about the person you are attracted with. The rhythm alone is enough to make you start adoring them. You start imagining the song video with you and your partner in it. You can relate the lyrics with the feeling you have.

Stalking ex

You start searching their ex on Google frequently to see if you are hotter than they are? And that is actually funny and crazy. But everyone does that at the emotional stage of a relationship.

Getting mad at each other

You both start getting mad at each other. You think it is difficult to survive this way. Both the partners start blaming each other for the little things that won’t even bother much. One starts getting mad because the other has lost its temper badly.


Will things always be this great? Will we together happy forever? Will all these pleasant experiences be for lifetime? Is sex just a thing? Will be attract each other always? Everyone starts getting curious of these little doubts.

Negative thoughts

These negative thoughts troubles every person in a relationship: What if one day things aren’t great and this ends. Do you think it might end? Will be get back to being strangers? I would be so broken and sad. How will i recover from the loss. You’re in for a lifetime of fantastic relationship, and love – making. You never want it to end, but you are afraid somewhere inside, that it will.

I Feel This Strongly About You, But I Hardly Know You

Some weird thought that very odd may strike your mind often. These thought will make you realize that you really don’t know them that well. What if they have some kind of disease? Is it weird to ask about diseases? Some kind of criminal record? They could even have kids they’re not telling you about. It’s enough to make you feel over – suspicious.

They don’t text or call you instantly, Something Must Be Wrong

What if this is their way of saying they’re no longer interested? Sometimes the person gets busy in some work or with family and is not able to meet you or talk to you instantly. You would start thinking as if something wrong has happened. Or they might be attracted to someone else. You won’t be able to adore them much now.

Great, You’re Angry With Me

The first fight or a big argument is always the most unpleasant and hurting one.

At this stage of a relationship you are in a very sensitive state to get hurt. Even still, you talked it out together and now everything is perfect again, but you might be afraid you future fights and how to tackle them.

You Have a Lot of Bad Habits

These things didn’t bother you before, but now you might be noticing those little things that irritate you about your partner. Maybe they’ve even caused a few petty arguments. But
later you realize the things you love about them are still more than these arguments, so it’s okay.


One day you might get eager to know why did they ever break up with their ex? Or their ex broke up with them, why? Am I missing something important? What if the same thing happens and we break up? You might get mad thinking of all these stuff.

Ego issues

You won’t say I LOVE YOU, even though you would feel that strongly. You would want to hug them, but won’t say it. You will always be confused in initiating the things.

That I don’t care attitude

GIving that I don’t care attitude,even if your partner wants to dump you. Making them show like you have long list of fans waiting for your response and they are much better than them. “I’ll find someone else. It’s not a big deal”. Whatever.

Sentimental feelings

A time comes when you think you can even beg them for staying. Please don’t leave me, I’ve already imagined our wedding and you are so great I could cry. what’s that? And you like me as much as I like you? And I should just stop overthinking?
All these thoughts are natural to disturb a relationship, a happy relationship. If you do not give up on your partner and fight with all these issues, you can stay happily with your partner for always.

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