Going on a First Date? Basic Tips for all The Beautiful Ladies There!!

Love is like magic, love is having shared interests.
No one has to truly understand what love is, it is something that is to be felt. Love makes you feel more alive than anything.
Love makes your heart beat a skip, it gives you butterflies. It makes you nervous, excited and passionate.
Love is filling and honest, it can’t be replaced or bought.
A date is the start for that love. Your first date is the one to meet your potential love should be passionate. It is the opportunity to meet the love of your life, the one you could probably spend the rest of your life with!
You pretty girls out there, you are the one He Craves For. If a guy asks you out on a date, you have definitely impressed the guy, you have done something right already so it is good start.

Dating is a little game of courtship between two potential lovers. You may like each other but when you are sitting next to each other in a romantic atmosphere, it is the judgment time.
You both would want to know everything about each other to judge the compatibility between the
two. But remember to create the first impression the unforgettable.
The tips below will help to leave a mark forever.

What to wear on the first date?

Every girl goes through this: wardrobe panic, especially when the “dress to impress” pressure is on!
Yes, you should look pretty, hot or sexy but comfort should be your first priority! Don’t expose too much. Avoid over trendy outfits or loud makeup. Be simple, natural and minimal for your first date. Dress up according to the place you are going

  • For casual daytime setting Casual staples: Jeans, converse or   flats, t-shirts or casual tops.
  • For a dressy dinner date Choose skinny jeans with silk camisole   and blazer, heels or a decent dress.  
  • For a casual dinner Jeans and a cute blouse or tee are the best.

After you are dressed up accordingly, here are some other tips that you should know to impress this new man in your life.

#1 Make him feel like a man: Give him the chance to pamper you, to be your protector and he will love you for it. Help him feel like a man by asking him things to do for you which you might be able to do yourself but it is important. If you need something, ask him to speak to waiter and get it for you. Ask him to assist you till washroom. He will feel that you need him.

#2 The art of smelling nice: Girls, please remember this tip. Every guy will remember how you smell. Don’t soak yourself in perfume but use it over your neck, cleavage, palms and anywhere you want to smell good. Use an aromatic serum for your hair. It will bring a mild intoxication of your sensual perfume. He would get desperate to hold you close and sink into your fascinating aura!

#3 Pastel colors are appealing: Look no further than soft pastel colors to impress your guy, pick the right attire as already described above. Black and red are what guys love though, and it will best show off your sexuality. But initially you need to display the femininity in you that’ll attract a man and you definitely need to dress in softer shades.

#4 Don’t sit numb: You are not going for an interview. You are not there to just answer the questions. Do not just sit back; ask him a few questions now and then. Guys love it when a girl shows genuine interest in their life.

#5 Smile. Laugh. Be Jolly: It highly inspires a guy seeing a girl who is smiling and laughing. It makes him have confident on himself showing that he is the king of the humor world and he will be less nervous around you. Laugh along and try to have a nice time.

#6 Making him indulge: Do make him feel like a man but don’t make him overdo on the first date. It may end up scaring him off and leaving both of you broke. Be yourself, but don’t flaunt your high maintenance status unless you know for sure that he can afford it. Do not call trouble for yourself. If you can’t carry too much of drinks, then do avoid it.
Remember, a date isn’t the same as hanging out with your friends.

#7 Be a conversationalist: Probably when you are on a date, it you both who has to entertain each other. Don’t act like you are bored. Start a healthy, funny and useful conversation. You can also crack jokes, it isn’t the guy who has to always be humorous.

#8 Act smart and intelligent: Yes, guys do find dumb girls cute. But just for a while. For a long run, guys prefer to have a girl who is smart, intelligent and independent. Be the one. He would probably want you to laugh but do not laugh on anything and everything.

#9 The right kind of goodbye: You both had a good time sitting and enjoying. The way you say goodbye to the guy at the end of the first date will make him think about you. If you enjoyed his company and being with him, give him that smile and blush just a little bit and walk on. It’ll definitely leave any guy floating on cloud nine.
Well that’s it for the first date. Rest is on you in which direction you take it. It can be awesome, it can be bad, but do follow the guidelines above. Unless the guy is terribly boring and dumb, this roadmap will definitely take you to the hut of love. Have the patience to find the right guy, the perfect guy is also looking for his other half in.
One of your gifts as a woman is your profound intuition. Use it to judge the right guy for you. The magic of the feminine is your mystery. Trust your instincts, you know things way in advance.
First impressions can never be made a second time, don’t waste the opportunity.
There is a reason that when you love you light up a room.
Make your man realize your power!

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