Hey Boyfriend? Are your Following these Relationship Rules?

It can be a difficult work to maintain a strong, but it doesn’t have to be. For a happy relationship it is important to create loving relationships with the women you date.
Being in a relationship is not easy, there are some a must have rules in every relationship that we need to understand and put into action. This article will help you to make your relationship successful if ever you’re having difficulty. Every boy out there wants to be a good or better boyfriend.

Here are some rules for boyfriends that they must know.

  • Kiss your girlfriend often, kiss her gently and not so gently, and kiss her like it’ll take her breath away. Be a passionate kisser. Give her goodbye kiss, get well soon kiss etc.
  • Write her a love letter of she asks you to do it. Even if you aren’t that sentimental type, just do it. It just has to be real and heartfelt not poetic. She will appreciate your efforts, crudely drawn symbols on a tissue paper, trust me. All you need is a pen and paper, it’s not that hard.
  • If you both have developed that relationship of “I love you,” which everyone reaches at their own pace, say it often. And know that you can probably never say it enough. Don’t rush to say I love You initially and also don’t let the fear of saying it overwhelm you. “I love you” is a sacrifice and a big deal.
  • Appreciate, notice the changes, about her hair, fashion sense, mannerisms, etc. The smallest positive comment will probably lift her spirits. She will love you back more if you notice her little things.
  • Do not use the points they are conscious about against them in an argument. It’s not fun being vulnerable with someone, especially your girlfriend.
  • Do not ask her for stuff that can be bought with money. Like on birthdays, anniversary’s etc. do not ask her to gif you that expensive watch or sunglasses you liked in the store. If she asks you about gift, say “Your love is all I need”.
  • As opposed to texting, talk on the phone more. Whether it’s calling to ask about potential plans or calling to find out how her day was. And if you are texting at some time, be more considerate about the length of time you take to respond to a text.
  • Get to know her friends well. Treat them respectfully. You do not have to be best friends with them, good things come to those who win their significant other’s friends and family.
  • Keep her out of all the negativity, even if she complains about her family most of the times, it doesn’t give you the liberties and rights to do so. Do not do anything that could be interpreted in a wrong way.
  • Be chivalrous because it is a good thing to be chivalrous.
  • Take her on special dates. Chill out, be comfortable, have formal dates, go on drives.This is the best part about dating. But don’t get lazy just because you’re with someone.
  • Be supportive, appreciate her interests, her talents and accomplishments. Swallow up your manly pride and do what she like. If she likes hanging out in bookstores and you hate it, have patience and understand her passions.
  • Ask her out and do not just assume the things. Ask her what is her comfort level, with anything physical. When uncomfortable, ask. It is always better to ask than to assume.
  • Keep way all intimate details about your relationship. That means there is really no reason to tell every last detail to your friends, coworkers, etc. You girlfriend will hate it.
  • Beware of participating in any objectively unnecessary behavior on social media. Keep your personal pictures and texts hidden. Do not share them.
  • Never be late when picking her up from her office or home. She would make you wait for hours, but will be very upset if you make her wait.
  • Do not shout at her, be very conservative about your anger. She might make you angry at times, on various situations very angry, but still try to choose your words wisely when you’re angry. Do not say something that she won’t be ever able to forget. This will spoil your relationship.
  • In the process of making her jealous, do not spoil the relationship. It’s not fun and it’s not fair to them.
  • Never let pay for anything. She might insist at times, if you go out on a date, make sure you pay for everything. It is one of the worst thing a boyfriend asking her girlfriend to pay. If still money is a problem, compensate by being the sweetest and a caring lover.
  • Don’t expect her to change anything about who she is with your. are for you. This includes their body, their religion, their politics, etc. If she loves you she will surely compromise with her own choice, but do not expect her to change to meet your needs.
  • Do not show your smartness by playing games with her. Nothing good ever comes from it. Be clear to them, how you feel and you know how they feel.
  • Treat her with love, respect, and how you would like to be treated. You love her, she loves you back. Be the best person she could ever have in her life. Do not let your love fade with time. As long as you’re trying in a relationship, feel free to bend any of the rules to do whatever works for you.

The relationship rules for men are made for each one out there to help them create stronger relationships.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you the strength, while loving someone deeply gives you the courage.”

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