How Social Media Can be a Unfortunate for Your Happy Relationship!!

SOCIAL MEDIA, is great to be able to share pictures, status, thoughts, to be in touch with old colleagues, schoolmates etc. across the globe, bringing them into your world with a blink of an eye. It is required and nice to stay connected in our business society.

There is no question the Internet is enormously popular, convenient and a delightful way to connect with others. Many social media sites such as Facebook, instagram have about one billion users worldwide. Individual of all age groups have facebook accounts and there isn’t a day they miss to browse it. It certainly offers us an instant audience and attention. It can help fight feelings of loneliness.

Some people try to make new friends on social media. It has the ability to make relationships both easier and more difficult, to start new relationship and destroy the old ones. It can connect us when we are far away. But if it is causing problems in your life or relationship, try to try limit the use of social media when it comes to your relationship.

Do not share everything about your life there, it will lead to more issues. Let’s not allow social media to affect our relationships in a negative way. Use it but in limits, But, even so, there can be a huge danger in this kind of “connecting”.

Trying to connect through social media is actually counterproductive. Let’s see how social media will affect your relationship.

You lost the moment

What are you doing on social media? Sharing moments of all kinds, joy, friendship, beauty and humour. By engaging virtually on social media you lose the connection from your reality and the people in it. There is nothing more powerful than real life connections, no matter how we try to replicate it.

You need someone with skin to give you a smile, wrap their arms around us, or hold our hand in theirs. Real life sharing of moments involve the tenderness of a human embrace. When hiding behind the walls of

the online world there is no warmth, real life interactions have the potential of releasing a powerful warmth. When making a connection with real life people in actual is a way of replicating warmth to engage the world around us. Do not get so caught up in the digital world that you forget the power of physical. There is no happiness more than meeting the people in real and spending time with them.

Facebook can be a source of jealousy and anxiety:

The pictures shared on facebook, and other information can create jealousy, suspicion for couples. The facebook interactions should not be considered obvious as you do not know who is on the other side being involved, as you may not know some of your partner’s Facebook friends.

In some cases, the couples are anxious their partner may leave them, or generally don’t trust their partner. It is also responsible for creating negative feedback loop which, in turn, increases the chance of experiencing more Facebook-related jealousy. Though the partner is completely into you and totally loyal, but social media provides medium for partner interrogation, which may disrupt a person’s sense of privacy as well as the stability of the relationship. Facebook can make the situation much worse if you are already going through certain problems.

It’s addictive and self-absorbing

The pleasure that comes from experience and from people around you, you try to seek that through phone and internet. By continuous use of social media your brain starts functioning the similar way, it starts responding positively to freshness, that social media

offers in a constant stream of new interactions, new posts, and new pictures every second. Although it is known as the medium or tool to remain connected but it can make you feel isolated and obsessed over the response you are getting. Authentically connecting with others has numerous benefits but getting too much involved in it is associated with anxiety and depression.

We can lose our warmth

Have you heard of the tangible connection of one human being to another? That is absolutely required for the success of a relationship. If you and your partner are so much involved on social media, you lose the warmth, the warmth that comes from looking each other smiling in real, by getting involved in a good laugh.

We can lose our inhibition

There are a few things that you would never say out offline but you do say that when you are online. Every person has different quality, one person says whatever comes to their mind no matter the cost, while some have the ability to discern when to speak up and when to refrain. It is true that some things are just better left unsaid. But when we are masked behind the screen, it affects our inhibition, this virtual world, we feel empowered and in control. Slowly, we let our walls down. This lack of inhibition gives us the freedom to do things in the online world that we would never do in real life. This can have serious affect on our relationship, ruining it or isolating us from people we could have otherwise connected with. One should understand the impact of social media on itself and challenge themselves to interact with grace, wisdom and humility whether online or off.

True intimacy and connection can get lost

Social media is reliable and fantastic for many reasons but it is actually connecting you to the world for the sake of living, preventing us from experiencing true connection and true intimacy: real life. It is sometimes funny to see the status updates and stories that people share about every bit of their life, why are we on Facebook right now? Why aren’t we savoring the moment? Live in the moment and enjoy the moment with the

person you are with. In a relationship getting intimate is the root for happy relationship. And there is no chance of intimacy when you are involved in social media.

Don’t give in to the false intimacy that comes with social media and make time for the genuine intimacy.

Make time for the people around you. Here and now.

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