Restore your Faith in Love by Reading These Beautiful Love Stories!!

What is love?

“An intangible connection between two people that feels exceptionally good.”

Love is the connection, not an emotion. Love is the connection. Love is inherently free.Your feelings when you fall in love are a reaction to the quality of that connection with your partner.You cannot force someone to love you, nor can you prevent it. Love cannot be imprisoned; it is not a substance, not a commodity. Love has no borders, no quantifiable mass.
Love cannot be turned on as a reward. Love is a powerful condition like hunger or thirst, only more permanent. Love is compassionate and soothing; love can be painful and grueling. Stories are the best source to portrait love. Love yourself and you will love your partner more. To restore your belief in love, read out these stories.

Rekindling my love story

We were sitting in a café and she got offended and walked away. I called her that night and asked the reason for her that behavior. She hesitated in telling what happened, but later she seemed fine after a while. She said that she didn’t like guys and thought that going on a date with a guy is the worst thing.

She had been hurt too many times by guys whom she trusted with all her heart. We had a long conversation till morning and she talked more and more about her thoughts and feelings. I just wanted to hug her. But we decided to meet again.
The meeting was good and we started hanging out after that. We went on drives, I dropper her back home. It was just like a fairytale, everything so perfect so smooth. Time passed like a wind when we were together.
One day we went to a café, it was all crowded. We decided to go for a drive; the sun was shining mildly at us. It was the most romantic sight. Nevertheless, it was beautiful.
She said the sun was beautiful. I said it couldn’t be compared to her. She smiled. I smiled.
I hold her hand, I was nervous, she was nervous too, we locked eyes. Thank God, the road was deserted. Her lips split into a girlish smile that I still can’t forget. It was indeed a beautiful moment. I felt warm, I wanted the drive to last forever. I dropper her back home and we hugged goodbye. That was the first time we came close.

60 Years Of Separation

They were married for just three day and she had to bid her husband adieu. He was off to fight in the Red Army and she would await his return—or so they thought. When her husband was away from home, Stalin exiled Anna and her family to Siberia, and Anna couldn’t even leave word for her husband. Boris, her husband, spent years looking for her. They both have a common hometown, but she was not allowed visiting it, so the two completely lost contact.
Anna was so distressed that she contemplated suicide. Her mother was very upset from this action and she destroyed all mementos of Boris and Anna’s life together, including wedding photographs and letters. She eventually remarried. Boris, without the knowledge to her, did the same.
Both lost their spouses after year. After 60 years, Anna at last managed to visit their shared hometown when she saw an elderly man in the distance. It was Boris. He was there to pay respect at his parent’s burial site and on seeing her, he ran up to her. They had a second wedding and lived happily ever after like a true fairytale.

He Came Back To Me!

I encountered a guy and after two weeks time in contact with him, we both fell in love. We started to date and we use to meet each other very often. Everything was perfectly fine when I started to have negative thoughts about him that he is still in contact with his ex.
I always feared of negative things. But I never felt the same as I felt for him ever in my life. We started falling apart from each other. I was very afraid of his family that whether they would accept me. After a few years of dating, we finally broke up. We were from different religion and one day his family told him that he had to marry in his religion only. But somewhere I knew we were made to be together and the situations will change gradually.
I was shocked and cried for him. I told him not to leave me but everything came to an end. For a while I thought maybe all this happened because I was so negative about our relationship. I tried to gain strength and change my thoughts. I had faith that he would be back together, he would come back to me no matter what.
And after a few months, we are back together forever. We soon got married then and his family also likes me now. They consider me the pride of their family. We are more in love than ever before.
Believe, have faith and trust the Universe because your good is coming to you at the right, divine time.

Feeling the love at night

I was awake that night and was gazing at her number on my cell phone. I was confused on whether to call or text. I settled for a text. Immediately I got back a call. It was so sweet of her.
We had long conversations till early morning and the feeling wasn’t gone yet. I still wanted to see the following evening. We met at the café. It was an awesome feeling, she was so cheerful and we both flirting back and forth. I asked her out for a movie that evening.
She got offended and declined. She was all silent and that makes you feel worse than getting yelled at. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t mention it. And it was the end of our date. I got home and looked at her bracelet. Life brings lots of surprises.

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