How to Make Your Relationship Magically Romantic!!

Despite of all the difficulties, romantic relationships are a fundamental component of our lives. “There is scarcely anything more difficult than to love one another.” – Rainer Maria Rilk

What is long-term passionate love?
Sexual intimacy
Shared affection
And happiness in life

Though this is the modern time and people are busy in their modern lives. Now people really do not expect a romantic relationship to be filled with diamond encrusted love hearts, constant, adoring kisses and sweet smelling flowers every day.

The generation is busier in visual and sensual touch time with their smartphones than with their partners each day. The expectations of romance are not high enough to nurture and maintain a healthy romantic relationship. But if you are not passionate and romantic with your partner, the bond that you both share can shrink.
So what happens if you feel your partner isn’t romantic enough? Do you miss the romance in your relationship?

Get romantic

Romance is not a one directional. Whether you’re a man or woman, you won’t receive romance, until you are equally involved in your relationship. You’re both responsible for how romantic your relationship is. If your relationship is not the way you want, you need to set the tone and give examples of what it is you desire. Romance is very important part of a relationship, you could say what you want and why, but it’s much more effective to show what you want. There are some gestures that will make your relationship exciting and romantic.

Have fun

If a couple is engaged in exciting and enjoyable activities together have greater relationship satisfaction. Couples who play together, stay together. Choose an activity with your partner that you’ve never done together before that would be of interest to you both, like dancing lessons, staying the night at a new town and exploring it, or indoor skydiving. Give them a all new experience.

Share a Secret Code

Choose a random word that will be used often in the conversation and ensure that every time someone uses it, you have to do a gesture like anything from a kiss to a lingering thigh stroke under the table.

Tell them what turns you on

Do not be a boredom, bring out something exciting in the bedroom. Tell your partner what turns you on. Do not be shy when it comes to sex. Let them know what you like, and encourage them to do the same.

Sweet Afternoon Treat

If you know your partner is having a bad day at office, call up a cafe or a restaurant and get their favourite food delivered with a sweet message. You can add a surprise to it, like dessert’s waiting at your place later.

Be fit & healthy

Whatever it is, nothing brings joy if you are not healthy and fit. Get your health checkup. Work out and shop for healthy foods together. Being fit and healthy will make you feel better about yourself — and improve your sex life.

Show appreciation for your partner

Does your partner know what you like the most about them? What you admire and what makes you proud. To build a romantic relationship you have to have an initial bonding along with encouragement and support to each other’s growth. Help your partner achieve his or her potential by constantly lifting their spirits up.

Be grateful for your partner

Expressing gratitude to your partner in a relationship predicts an increase in your relationship satisfaction. If your partner appreciates you, it seems to increase your confidence. Return the same gratitude, this will positively affect how much you feel committed to the relationship and you will do things to meet your partner’s needs.

Put it into practice

Let your partner know how much you value them. Say sorry and thank you whenever required, show them the gratitude you actually feel toward your partner, because this also makes a big difference. Tell your partner that appreciate having them in your life or what you would miss most if he or she were not in your life.

Laugh together

Be her/his best friend. If you want to invest in a relationship, be best friends.Do you remember all the fun things you did together when you were dating? Create some new memories to cherish.

Engage in PDA

Compliment them in public, when you are out with friends. Do not make out in public, but certainly show your love. Hold hands, hug, kiss and compliment each other. These little public displays of affection shows that you are proud and happy to be together with your partner.

Get a Sound Track

Pick your favorite songs that portraits your relationship and make them yours by playing them on romantic, sexy occasions.

Pray together

Spiritual intimacy is equally important as physical intimacy. Some couples are involved in sexual activity but are not intimate as they miss out on the soul. Pray together so that your soul unites keeping your love strong.

Give gifts

Give material tokens of your love. Pick up the right book, a special dessert, a piece of jewelry or clothing you noticed at the store. Leave a love note for them, or send them a random “I love you”. This will make your partner feel better about themselves and secure in your relationship.
To create a fulfilling life, it is the time create romance in your relationship. Have the fulfilling love life. Make them involved in your ideas and thoughts. Be liveli and your partner will never be able to forget you. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Romance is more about chasing than getting what you want. Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin practicing these principles. Start today.
Love to get the same back.
Do not forget you are worthy and your relationship too.

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